I have thought for a long time about starting a blog. Everyone seems to be writing a blog these days, so some may ask why I would want to add myself to the increasing number of bloggers. In short, I’m doing this for myself.

Right now, the Occupy Wall Street movement is wrapping up its first month of protest and with each day, I get more and more frustrated. After initially seeming to have no purpose or mission, the “Occupy” protesters have adopted the motto “We are the 99%!” My reaction upon first hearing this was, “The 99% of what?” and then my thoughts snowballed into, “Do they really think that 99% of the country agrees with them?” “Are they speaking for me? If so, please stop!”

I know that there are people involved in the protest with very legitimate concerns and as with any protest, there will always be the career protesters that get involved to “organize” the movement.

Regardless of the motives of the “Occupy”ers, I have decided that if I don’t want other people to claim to speak for me, then I must speak out for myself. So… what do I want to say? What can you expect to find here?

  • I will provide my thoughts and point of view on current events whether on current events, entertainment, movies… whatever
  • I am a registered Independent voter – I vote for the person that I think is the best candidate for the job
  • I am a Christian and work every day to place God first in my life – as a Christian, I do not expect others to share my values, but I do expect others to respect mine as I will respect theirs
  • I grew up in a small town in Southern Colorado (we have 1 stop light!), but now live in the greater Denver area
  • I am a fan of the NHL (Go Avs!), NFL (Go Broncos!), and Formula1 (Go Vettel and Alonso!)
  • I have 2 dogs – Sookie is a 142lb Great Pyrenees/Lab mix and Rory is a 12lb Lhasa Apso
  • Family is important to me and comes in 2nd in my life – God is 1st
  • I drive an Audi, and if I can help it I will never drive anything else

I encourage comments; let’s have a real discussion. I am open to all points of view – I will respect your opinions and in turn ask that you respect mine.