Herman Cain and “9-9-9”

When I first heard about Herman Cain, I was very impressed and the more I hear from him and about him, the more impressed I become. I am very happy to see that he is doing well in the polls. My concern remains that the Republicans need to put up a candidate that compete with and beat President Obama in 2012. I’m not sure that Cain is there, yet, but I am hopeful that his ideas catch on with more independent voters like me.

I have been supportive of a national sales tax for a while now. In my mind, Cain’s “9-9-9” plan is a great idea. It ensures that all are contributing their part to the cost of our federal government. I also eliminates all of the loop holes, deductions, and tax credits that a lot of people (businesses, wealthy, middle class, poor – pretty much everyone) have discovered and used to avoid paying taxes. We hear all of the time about how businesses and the wealthy aren’t paying their share, but we never hear about the 50% of Americans who don’t pay taxes, at all. We all live in this great country and we all need to contribute. Cain’s “9-9-9” plan ensures that everyone contributes.

I know of people who receive more back in their tax refund every year than what they originally paid in taxes – that is absurd and shouldn’t be called a “refund”! I have said in the past that nothing in life is free, but I was wrong. Under the right (or wrong depending on how you look at it) circumstances, you can receive free money back from the IRS under the guise of a “tax refund”!

Here are links to two articles that appeared online today regarding Cain’s 9-9-9 plan:

The first is written by Herman Cain in response to attacks to his 9-9-9 plan – http://www.northstarwriters.com/2011/10/16/9-responses-to-9-false-attacks-on-the-9-9-9-plan/

The second was posted to MSNBC and is based on his appearance on Meet the Press yesterday – http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44921197/ns/politics-decision_2012/#.TpzJ894UqdA