Last week, Tim Tebow was named the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos for their 10/23 game vs. Miami. Hopefully the coaches will have enough time, given the bye-week, to get Tebow ready. I am not a football expert and will never claim to be, however, I am tired of hearing about how Tebow’s throwing motion is wrong or weird or whatever. In my opinion, Tebow should focus on his accuracy and consistency. If he can be accurate and consistent with a wonky throwing motion, who will care? Tebow brings more than just a wicked throwing motion to the game. Anyone who saw the second half of the game vs. San Diego saw how the team responded to having Tebow on the field. The team rallied around him. His personality and demeanor are contagious and his teammates can’t help but get revved up for the game and give 100% when they see their quarterback on field playing his heart out. That’s the “intangible” that John Elway is always talking about.

Good luck on Sunday Broncos!